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By Jamie Court
The much-awaited California Senate Health Committee showdown today over health insurance premium regulation never happened. Instead, Senate Health Committee Chair Ed Hernandez, who had the pivotal vote, moved Assembly Bill 52 forward with the promise that his vote on the Senate Floor was contingent on amendments to come that address his concerns...
Blog Post
By Judy Dugan
Health insurance companies apparently have no problem taking opposite sides of an issue when it serves their bottom line. When it comes to California law, they hate regulation and will spend any amount of money and credibility to kill it. But when it comes to protecting the profits of insurance brokers at the expense of consumers, insurance...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- More than 1,500,000 Californians will face health insurance premium increases on July 1 averaging 3% to 17.4%, according to state filings. Some patients with Aetna small business plans will see premium increases as high as 92.5%. California insurance regulators need the power to protect consumers and deny such steep rate...