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News Release
CONTACT John M. Simpson
WASHINGTON, DC -- Consumer Watchdog has asked the House Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee Committee to hold hearings on Google's new privacy and data policy and to call Google CEO Larry Page " to explain his company's disingenuous statements about its supposed commitment to users' privacy." Consumer Watchdog...
News Release
CONTACT John M. Simpson
SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog today praised European data protection authorities for asking Google to delay implementation of its new privacy and data policies and said the U.S. Federal Trade Commission should determine whether the new policies violate the terms of Google’s consent agreement with the commission. Under the new...
News Release
CONTACT John M. Simpson and Jamie Court
BRUSSELS – Consumer Watchdog, a U.S.-based consumer advocacy group, today called for the EU’s antitrust regulators to block Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility and ultimately issue a formal antitrust complaint against the Internet giant’s ongoing business practices.  “The Commission’s role in...
Blog Post
By John M. Simpson
I remember as a young newspaper reporter going to different jurisdictions where public records were kept and putting together background information on an individual. I had to have a compelling reason to do it, because although the records were public, it  took considerable effort to gather the information.  With the Internet and the...