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By John M. Simpson
Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic have cleared Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, but are vowing to keep a close eye on the Internet giant's behavior after the deal goes through. What concerns both the European Commission and the U.S. Justice Department is how Google will use Motorola's powerful mobile...
News Release
CONTACT John M. Simpson and Jamie Court
BRUSSELS – Consumer Watchdog, a U.S.-based consumer advocacy group, today called for the EU’s antitrust regulators to block Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility and ultimately issue a formal antitrust complaint against the Internet giant’s ongoing business practices.  “The Commission’s role in...
Blog Post
By Jamie Court
What if Google, the master of the cloud computing universe and the Internet's information monopolist, were to buy Intel, Apple, or IBM? Would we want the company that controls information outside of our computers all along the Internet to also have control over a principal computer hardware maker and its patents? Anti-trust regulators...