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Banking fees are reaching all-time highs despite legislative efforts to keep charges at a minimum, according to a study from Bankrate.com. Fees are infiltrating areas of personal banking, like the checking account and ATM, that watchdog groups say many people are unaware of. "I think most Americans don't realize that they get hit twice...
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By Carmen Balber
Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. But since speculation by the big banks stole trillions in wealth from average Americans and devastated the world economy, I'd call a small tax on financial transactions more like taking our own money back. That’s why I’ll be marching with tens of thousands of people in DC...
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By Doug Heller
Does your bank charge you extra on your monthly car or mortgage loan payments for insurance that the bank bought? Do you even know if it’s happening? Most people insure their homes and cars, but banks sometimes buy an additional policy without asking the owner, adding the costs to the monthly car or home loan payment. Sometimes the...