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By Moira Dhaliwal
Have you ever been frustrated because you had to transfer medical records between doctors or forgotten when you had your last immunization? These frustrations could be a thing of the past with the emergence of electronic health records (EHR); when EHR are completely adopted, doctors across all specialties will be able to access all of their...
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CONTACT By John M. Simpson & Jamie Court
SANTA MONICA, CA – Google Apps can be dangerous, Consumer Watchdog warned today and the public interest group said Los Angeles has been responsible for "giving the first imprint of credibility and acceptance to a program that has failed Los Angeles and other communities with frightening consequences." On Wednesday the Los...
News Release
CONTACT John M. Simpson & Jamie Court
SANTA MONICA, CA - Google’s explanation for its soaring record spending on lobbying in Washington is disingenuous bafflegab, Consumer Watchdog said today. The Internet giant reported it spent $5.9 million lobbying during the first three quarters of the year, a 51 percent increase from the $3.9 million it spent in the comparable period a...
News Release
CONTACT John M. Simpson & Carmen Balber
WASHINGTON, DC – Consumer Watchdog called online industry claims that consumers' personal privacy is protected when they surf the Web to be meaningless in light of a study released today by Stanford University's Computer Security Laboratory. The research was released at a forum discussing digital data collection sponsored by a...
Blog Post
By John M. Simpson
Do you care about online privacy? Then join me on Tuesday morning at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where a coalition of ten consumer and privacy groups including Consumer Watchdog are hosting a discussion on data collection and privacy. If you can't make it you can follow the event on the Web. Federal Trade Commission...