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By John M. Simpson
Google's sad saga of missed deadlines and unfulfilled promises in attempting to provide the City of Los Angeles with a "cloud" based email and collaboration system appears to be drawing to a close. City Council is expected on Wednesday to approve amendments to its contract with CSC and Google that acknowledge the reality that Google...
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CONTACT John M. Simpson, Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog today warned the Chicago Board of Education to consider Google’s failures in implementing an email system for the City of Los Angeles as the seven members consider a new email and collaboration system for the nation’s third largest school district. Chicago Public Schools have asked for...
News Release
CONTACT By John M. Simpson & Jamie Court
SANTA MONICA, CA – Google Apps can be dangerous, Consumer Watchdog warned today and the public interest group said Los Angeles has been responsible for "giving the first imprint of credibility and acceptance to a program that has failed Los Angeles and other communities with frightening consequences." On Wednesday the Los...