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Blog Post
By Cody Rosenfield
Four years ago, after an avalanche of complaints about Hyundai’s Elantra’s inflated mileage, Consumer Watchdog wrote the EPA about the problems with trusting automakers to self-test their MPG claims. Yesterday, the EPA toughened its testing procedures for the first time in a decade. Unbeknownst to most Americans, the EPA doesn’t...
Legal Update
By Laura Antonini
Last Thursday, February 14, Federal District Court Judge George H. Wu held an initial hearing on class action lawsuits filed against Hyundai and Kia across the country for falsifying gas mileage estimates. The lawsuits were sent to Judge Wu’s court in response to a petition filed by the Consumer Watchdog legal team, whose year long...
News Release
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Orlando, FL -- Consumer lawsuits related to Hyundai’s misrepresentation of vehicle mileage moved a step closer to court today when a special panel of federal court judges meeting in Orlando, Florida held a hearing on a request by Consumer Watchdog lawyers to centralize all such lawsuits in a Southern California federal court. Acting in...
Blog Post
By Jamie Court
If you doubt that writing Washington can make a difference, look at the letter we wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency one year ago. We asked that it audit Hyundai’s self-tested “Miles Per Gallon” claims. Recently the EPA announced, in an unprecedented move, that Hyundai and Kia's window sticker MPG claims on many...
Blog Post
Jamie Court
If you doubt that writing the White House can make a difference, just look at the letter my Consumer Watchdog colleague Judy Dugan and I wrote to the President in January calling for an audit of the inflated MPG claims for the Hyundai Elantra. Friday, the EPA answered with an announcement that Hyundai and Kia's window sticker claims were...
News Release
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Washington, DC -- Consumer Watchdog today praised the Environmental Protection Agency for auditing Hyundai and determining it overstated its sticker mileage estimates on various vehicles, including the Elantra. Following a barrage of consumer complaints, the nonprofit consumer group called upon the EPA to audit mileage of the Elantra in Janaury...
Jamie Court appears on the Fox Business Network to discuss the reasons and purpose of Consumer Watchdog joining the class action lawsuit against Hyundai's deceptive advertising.
A Hyundai Elantra owner has sued the car maker over claims that the car gets 40 miles per gallon.
Consumer Watchdog has sued the automaker Hyundai over its '40 MPG' claims on the Elantra model. The lawsuit alleges that Hyundai utilized high-impact television, Internet, and print advertisements that touted "The 40 Mile Per Gallon Elantra" without government-required disclosures. The omitted disclosures would have informed...
News Release
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Hyundai’s Gas Mileage Claims in 2011 and 2012 Elantra Advertising Campaign Misled California Drivers Santa Monica, CA – Hyundai Motor America misled consumers about the gas mileage of the 2011 and 2012 Elantra through a broad-based media advertising campaign designed to capitalize on public concern over escalating gas prices,...