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UPDATE!: @ConsumerWD's Reddit AMA will begin at 2:30 pm (Pacific time). Join John Simpson to discuss Google & Privacy at http://redd.it/1kfl5x SANTA MONICA, CA – Google is either lying to the court or lying to the public, Consumer Watchdog said today, after the Internet giant made new public claims asserting it respects users...
In a response to a class action lawsuit, Google has stated that people sending messages to Gmail users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy."
News Release
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SANTA MONICA, CA -- In a stunning admission contained in a brief filed recently in federal court, lawyers for Google said people should not expect privacy when they send messages to a Gmail account. Consumer Watchdog said today that people who care about their email correspondents’ privacy should not use the Internet giant’s service....
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By John M. Simpson
Have you seen the cloying and annoying video produced by Google called "Google Chrome: Coffee"?  It tells the tale of a man using the Internet to get back in the good graces of his estranged girlfriend.   It ends with him asking her to join him for a cup of coffee and concludes with the tagline, "The web is what you...