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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Rob Leonard
SANTA MONICA, CA – Kaiser’s announcement of a 40 percent increase in profits to $2.1 billion for the first half of this year is the latest in a string of hefty health insurer profit reports that illustrate why Proposition 45’s protections against price gouging are desperately needed, said Consumer Watchdog today. Proposition 45...
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CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – The report of HealthNet’s $120.9 million second quarter profit, which is 4 times its 2013 second quarter profit, is yet another reminder, amid a slew of massive health insurer profit reports, of the need for Proposition 45’s protections from health insurer profiteering said Consumer Watchdog Campaign today....
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Mark Reback
Santa Monica, CA – Anthem Blue Cross and its parent company WellPoint have given $12.9 million to defeat a California ballot initiative that would require health insurance companies to get approval for rate hikes, like the increase of up to 25% Anthem proposes for over 306,000 Californians on April 1. If approved on this November’s...
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Carmen Balber & Jerry Flanagan
Consumer Watchdog's Public Comment On Health Net's CA "Exchange" Rates   The main provisions of the Affordable Care Act take effect in just six months. Any Californian who cannot afford health insurance, or is paying too much now, or has watched her benefits whither away, will look to California’s new insurance...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA – Health insurance companies will increase rates as high as 24% in July and August for small business customers with more than one million employees, but state regulators currently have no power to reject those increases that can’t be justified. A pending ballot initiative would require health insurance companies to...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Doug Heller
Santa Monica, CA --- The California Department of Insurance announced today it has reduced medical malpractice insurance rates for 20,000 doctors insured by The Doctors Company by $21 million using the state’s prior approval rate regulation authority. The Department of Insurance has ordered the top six medical malpractice insurance...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- Four of the largest health insurance companies in California have increased premiums for 1.1 million Californians and small business owners by as much as 20% on April and May 1st according to data filed with state regulators, said Consumer Watchdog Campaign today. The rate increases are the second or third for most...