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By Judy Dugan
Consumer Watchdog has been growling for a while about global corporations that use a tax loophole to pay less in California corporate taxes than in-state companies. Four major companies--Kimberly Clark (Kleenex, Scott toilet paper), General Motors, Chrysler and International Paper--have even launched a major lobbying campaign in the state to save...
Blog Post
By Liza Tucker
We all know that California’s budget is in bad shape. It ended the year with a cash deficit of $9.6 billion dollars, papered over with internal borrowing and accounting sleight-of- hand. And we know that Governor Jerry Brown is counting on voters approving a tax hike come November. And we all know about the big scandal with California...
News Release
CONTACT Judy Dugan & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- Three of the five global corporations behind a coalition aimed at protecting $1 billion a year in California tax loopholes are among the nation’s top tax evaders, said Consumer Watchdog. They are: - International Paper Co., whose outlandish deductions and credits gained through Congressional earmarks left it with less-...