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CONTACT Liza Tucker
Santa Monica, CA—Anthem is raising rates on 135,000 California consumers who buy individual polices 35 percent because California is one of the few states without the ability to say no to unjustified rate hikes. In 2014, Consumer Watchdog sponsored a ballot measure, Prop 45, that would have put health care insurers under the same system of...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jonathan Phenix
Santa Monica, CA – In response to Consumer Watchdog’s challenge to State Farm’s proposed rate increases on businesses’ liability and property insurance, State Farm has agreed to cut the average overall rates it charges wholesale, retail, and service businesses by 4.0% and agreed to not raise the rates paid by professional...
News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jonathan Phenix
Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog filed a petition challenging State Farm’s proposed rates for its dwelling insurance, charging that California’s largest homeowners insurer will be overcharging over 280,000 policyholders unless it cuts its rate by as much as 40%, or nearly $100 million. Consumer Watchdog’s analysis found...
Consumer Watchdog's executive director Carmen Balber discusses the current state of health insurance in California, touching on the proposed mega-mergers and why they're bad for consumers, as well as Covered California's announced rate hikes and why they can't be stopped currently.
News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- Challenging a proposal from the Farmers Insurance group of companies to hike its homeowners insurance rates by nearly 7.0% overall, or $78 million, Consumer Watchdog filed a petition today alleging that Farmers should instead decrease its overall rates and urging the Department of Insurance to hold a hearing. The proposed rate...
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CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog said the 13.2% rise in health insurance premiums for 2017 announced by Covered California is the result of the state’s failure to enact health insurance rate regulation like nearly 40 other states. “These outrageous premium hikes are the consequence of California’s failure to adopt health...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber, Pam Pressley & Harvey Rosenfield
Santa Monica, CA -- Responding to multiple challenges to its excessive homeowners insurance rates brought by Consumer Watchdog over the last two years, Allstate has agreed to reduce its homeowners rates by 12.6% overall, effective February 1, 2016. Policyholders will save nearly $72.5 million as a result, with the average annual savings estimated...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Daniel Zohar
San Francisco, CA – State Farm’s request for a 6.9% increase in its homeowners insurance premiums goes to trial this morning in San Francisco. Consumer Watchdog, one of two organizations bringing the legal challenge before the California Department of Insurance, says the company’s rates are already too high, and should be reduced...
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CONTACT Eddie Barrera
Santa Monica, CA – Anthem’s announcement of increased third quarter profits is the latest in a string of hefty health insurer profit reports that illustrate why consumers need protections against unreasonable and unjustified rate hikes, Consumer Watchdog said today. The advocacy group announced that it has endorsed legislation by Sen....
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Eddie Barrera
Santa Monica, CA – For the sixth time this year, California insurance regulators have found an Aetna rate hike to be unreasonable. Such health insurance price-gouging will continue until state regulators have the power to reject unjustified health insurance price spikes, Consumer Watchdog said today. California Department of Insurance...