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CONTACT Jamie Court & Liza Tucker
Santa Monica, CA— The Department of Insurance today declared Anthem Blue Cross’s 9.8% rate increase on small business “unreasonable,” but has no power to stop the hikes unless Proposition 45 passes. Proposition 45, which gives the elected insurance commissioner the power to reject excessive rates, is being opposed by $55...
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CONTACT Harvey Rosenfield & Pamela Pressley
Santa Monica, CA - Fourteen non-profit citizen, consumer and low income advocacy organizations today formally petitioned Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones to bar auto insurance companies from discriminating against California drivers based on their occupation or education level.   “The use of these unauthorized rating factors increases...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – Blue Shield Life and Health is imposing an unreasonable rate increase on over 80,000 Californians with individual health insurance policies, an average of 9.8% that adds up to a 22.8% increase for the year. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced today that the company would not budge on its excessive rate...
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CONTACT Harvey Rosenfield & Pamela Pressley
Santa Monica, CA -- California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has approved a decision by an administrative law judge permitting Allstate Insurance Company to grant special premium benefits to motorists who attended prestigious colleges or have high income jobs like lawyers and doctors. The agency staff has previously allowed other insurance...
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CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – Leaders of California's health insurance marketplace today voted to block a reprieve on health insurance cancellations proposed by President Obama last week and to allow health insurance companies to hike rates on 50% of cancelled Californians. The move shows the need for regulation of health insurance prices in...
Millions of Californians affected after health insurers cancel their current plans have been given a reprieve. Insurers can now extend plans into 2014 under the affordable care act. California insurance commissioner Dave Jones says insurers demanded provisions before the laws went into effect. Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog has asked Covered...
State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says there is too much secrecy in the Affordable Care Act contract process. He is supportng legislation that would reduce the secrecy. He also talks to NBC4's Conan Nolan about the controversial "MICRA" CAP.
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CONTACT Douglas Heller & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – Mercury Casualty Company must implement an 8% rate decrease to its homeowners insurance rates as required by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, according to a ruling issued by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Eugene L. Balonon on Tuesday, denying Mercury’s request to delay the decrease from taking effect....
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA – The former CEO of Wellpoint, Angela Braly, was paid $20 million after resigning under pressure last year, news that broke the day after the insurer’s California subsidiary, Anthem Blue Cross, was taken to task for raising rates unreasonably for thousands of California small businesses.   The development...
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CONTACT Doug Heller & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA –Anthem Blue Cross is again imposing an unreasonable rate increase on its small business customers, and California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced today that the company will not budge on this excessive rate hike. Working with an independent actuary, the nonprofit, nonpartisan Consumer Watchdog analyzed the data...