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Two Democratic U.S. Senators from California were among a group of lawmakers who called on the Justice Department to investigate whether oil refineries faked a supply shortage during a sharp increase in gas prices earlier this year. Lawmakers contend that West Coast refineries were producing gasoline when they were reportedly shut down during May...
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Liza Tucker
Today, senators from California, Washington and Oregon joined our call to investigate refineries, asking the Department of Justice to comb through California refineries one by one to see whether market manipulation or false reporting by oil refineries had something to do with record $5 dollar a gallon prices at some California gas stations last...
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Jamie Court
Two years ago, as federal health reform lay on death’s door, CEO Angela Braly, head of Blue Cross’s parent company Wellpoint, spit on beleaguered patients. She sat through poignant Congressional testimony from customers whose lives were being ruined by spiraling premium hikes, then Braly testified that the public outrage was "a...
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By Carmen Balber
Two heavyweights - Senator Dianne Feinstein and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones - went to bat for health reform at the Democratic Convention in San Diego this weekend, and activists' embrace of their call to action was loud and immediate. In a luncheon speech on Saturday, Senator Feinstein went after health insurance companies for...