Judy Graff Fisher, Studio City, CA
“We frantically thought through all of our options… this kind of rate increase would send us over the edge.” I’m an independent contractor, and one of the things I love about what I do is my autonomy and independence. My experience with Anthem Blue Cross jeopardized everything that I had built.  At the beginning of...
Linda Raffel, Los Angeles
“I’m getting $196 worth of health insurance for $854.” I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and now live in the Miracle Mile area. In 2004 I was paying $196 a month for the individual PPO plan that I’ve had for many years. Now, my rate is $854 a month, which means that in the last ten years my premium has more than...
Josh Libresco, San Rafael, California
“Health care costs are the single largest expense in my family’s budget – larger than our mortgage - even larger than my daughter’s college tuition.”   I have a wife and two children. My daughter just finished her freshman year in college; my son is in high school. I have lived in California for most of my life...
Vickie Collins, Laguna Beach, CA
“After I pay huge monthly premiums Blue Cross redefines the only medication I use so they don’t have to pay.” In January 2014 I received the following information about my individual healthcare plan: "Medical plan premium As of April 1, 2014 the monthly premium on your health benefit plan coverage is changing. Your new...
Ron Blasco, Rancho Cucamonga
"I am 57 years old and was going to retire at 60 but I cannot because the cost of my health insurance is so high."   I have had Blue Cross Health Insurance since 1997 for my family.  When I started it cost $234 per month and now it is $2386 per month (10 times as much).  I am 57 years old and was going to retire at 60 but...
Richard Hammer, Los Angeles
“My total out of pocket expenses for medical care in the past 12 months have been staggering.” I am currently paying $1,584 per month for a grandfathered Anthem Blue Cross PPO plan. I looked at the options offered by Covered California. To my dismay, I discovered that there was not one plan that would allow me to see all the doctors...
Heather Johnson, Oakland
"For me, paying $260 per month for something I almost never use, plus having to pay $4,500 before coverage kicks in, and 100% of out-of-network care is like not having insurance at all." I am 43, an athlete, healthy, with no medical problems. I don’t use my insurance much and live on a pretty tight budget. Despite the fact that I...
Jennifer Tracy, Executive Director
My name is Jennifer Tracy, and I am the Executive Director of the San Diego Hunger Coalition (SDHC).  SDHC was founded in 2007 with the mission to reduce hunger and food insecurity in San Diego.  Between 2007 and 2011, the number of households relying on the help of CalFresh (formerly known as food stamps) to put food on their tables has...
Following a demand by the Department of Insurance, Consumer Watchdog called on all other health insurance companies in California who cancelled approximately 900,000 policies this month to follow suit. Consumer Watchdog also asked Covered California, which has contracts with the insurers, to support the reprieve for beleaguered policyholders.
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog responded today to the news that the state’s three largest health insurance companies -- Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Kaiser -- would continue to dominate the health insurance market in the California health exchange with concerns that patients will continue to pay excessive premiums because of decreased...