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A new report by Consumer Watchdog and its coalition partners shows how google helped fund the legal defense of Backpage.com, a website which hosted ads for child prostitution.
News Release
CONTACT Harvey Rosenfield & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- A little-publicized proposal by Google to allow its driverless cars to detour U.S. auto safety laws threatens public safety and security, Consumer Watchdog said in a letter sent today to Secretary of Transportation Foxx and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).   Noting Google’s consistent...
Blog Post
By John M. Simpson
Google's efforts to seal key documents in a class action suit in which the Internet giant is charged with violating wiretap laws when it reads the contents of email messages on its Gmail service demonstrate hypocrisy at the company's core. Google is in the business of  gathering data and making it public, often when people want to...
Consumer Watchdog has lost its fight to make Google face a stiffer penalty for sidestepping privacy settings in Apple's web browser. The ruling comes amid growing concern that web companies know too much about what we do online.
Do Americans care about their privacy online or is Consumer Watchdog making it up? The latter is a claim by a business blogger who turned this CNBC debate into a brawl by attacking Consumer Watchdog  rather than getting into the issues.  A judge recently ordered Google to disclose all the bloggers it paid to comment on its lawsuit with...
Protests outside Google's shareholders meeting in Mountain View took on a circus-like look Thursday afternoon. Mimes dressed in track suits followed shareholders into the annual meeting. As shareholders lined up to register for the meeting, Consumer Watchdog's Google track team pretended to spy on them. The mimes provided the humor...
Consumer Watchdog's Privacy Policy Campaign brought their "Google Track Team" of mimes to "spy" on investors as they arrived for Google's annual shareholder's meeting. The mimes serve as an in-your-face and farcical illustration of what Google's myriad and inescapable technologies do to keep tabs on every move...