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Santa Monica, CA – The U.S. Department of Justice should adopt today's recommendation by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and reject the proposed $50 billion merger of health insurance giants Anthem and Cigna, said Consumer Watchdog. Consumer Watchdog urged Commissioner Jones to reject the merger in testimony at a March...
A therapy for children with autism must be covered by public insurance companies, a California appeals court has ruled.   Applied Behavior Analysis — or ABA — "is a system in which every moment and action by the child is monitored and rewarded by the therapist on a one-to-one relationship for periods of 35, 40 hours a week,...
While doctors recommend that getting treatment for autistic children is vital, insurance companies and state agencies battled over the bill for treatment. The specific method in question was Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA, one of the most effective treatments for Autism. Lucy Noland reports.
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Santa Monica, CA -- Mercury Insurance Company’s latest attempt to escape responsibility for overcharging tens of thousands of California motorists has been rejected by the courts. Facing hundreds of millions of dollars in fines in an administrative proceeding now being prosecuted by the California Department of Insurance, Mercury had asked...
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Did you see Jamie's blog? He's right, we've had an amazing 2012. We couldn't have done any of it without your support, and your tax-deductible contribution now will help us reach our year-end goal to cover next year's expenses. Your tips prompted our letter to the EPA that resulted in the first-ever recall of multiple car...
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Santa Monica, CA – Low-income Californians with good driving records should be given a 3.9% rate decrease on the state's innovative Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, according to an actuarial analysis Consumer Watchdog submitted to the California Department of Insurance Wednesday. The Insurance Commissioner is conducting an annual rate...