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CONTACT Jerry Flanagan
Santa Monica, CA -- Today a “John Doe” HIV patient along with consumer advocates at Consumer Watchdog and Whatley Kallas, LLP announced the filing of a new lawsuit against Aetna, Inc. for violating patient privacy in connection with the resolution of a prior legal action. The new lawsuit alleges Aetna breached the settlement agreement...
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CONTACT Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- The White House’s executive order today seeking to allow for more “Association Health Plans” could turn the clock back to days when patients faced unlimited medical bills even when they played by the rules, the nonprofit nonpartisan group Consumer Watchdog said today. Consumer Watchdog fought off previous...
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CONTACT Liza Tucker
Santa Monica, CA—Anthem is raising rates on 135,000 California consumers who buy individual polices 35 percent because California is one of the few states without the ability to say no to unjustified rate hikes. In 2014, Consumer Watchdog sponsored a ballot measure, Prop 45, that would have put health care insurers under the same system of...
Carmen Balber, Executive Director and Healthcare Advocate at Consumer Watchdog, tells Randy Page of CBS news that the Senate Health Bill being pushed by Senate Republicans is a bad deal for working families.
If you're with Anthem Blue Cross is your health insurance company, you may be losing access to your doctors. In September, Anthem sent a misleading notice. Customers' coverage for 2017 was being changed. Anthem patients now face huge new costs and threats to their health. Now customers have lost access to doctors outside the Anthem...
Blog Post
By Laura Antonini
Anthem Blue Cross delivered a blow to its California individual and family plan members at the start of the new year by stripping policies of out-of-network coverage. The worst part: most of these consumers don’t even know yet that they lost their out-of-network coverage for 2017. As of January 1, Anthem converted its 2016 PPO (Preferred...
Reporter Randy Paige talks with Consumer Watchdog's Jerry Flanagan about what consumers should know about the coming battle over changes with the Affordable Care Act.
On the first day of Obamacare open enrollment, a consumer group sued Anthem Blue Cross for attempting to automatically renew policies that no longer cover out-of-network costs for hundreds of thousands of Californians.
Consumer Watchdog's executive director Carmen Balber discusses the current state of health insurance in California, touching on the proposed mega-mergers and why they're bad for consumers, as well as Covered California's announced rate hikes and why they can't be stopped currently.
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog said the 13.2% rise in health insurance premiums for 2017 announced by Covered California is the result of the state’s failure to enact health insurance rate regulation like nearly 40 other states. “These outrageous premium hikes are the consequence of California’s failure to adopt health...