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Jamie Court
Populist governor Hiram Johnson gave Californians the ballot initiative one hundred and one years ago to combat the stranglehold of wealthy scions over the statehouse. Today's New York Times reports on how California's ballot measures are dominated by a handful of billionaires, including some trying to buy more power for themselves and...
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CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA --The nonprofit Greenlining Institute acknowledged in a San Francisco Bay Guardian story published today that it received a $25,000 donation from Mercury insurance company, and expects more for its work in support of Mercury-backed Proposition 33. Prop 33 is funded by Mercury insurance's billionaire chairman George Joseph and...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court
Los Angeles, CA ---  A front page story in the New York Times about hundreds of thousands Californians who have been unemployed long term brings into focus the faces of Californians who will be unfairly surcharged under insurance-industry based Prop 33, said Consumer Watchdog Campaign, which is fighting the ballot measure. Prop 33 gives auto...
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By Harvey Rosenfield
The Mercury Insurance initiative’s lawsuit to stop the Attorney General and us opponents from telling the truth about Proposition 33 – how it will raise auto insurance rates – got tossed out of Sacramento Superior Court last Thursday. The Mercury campaign asked the court to rewrite the Official Ballot Pamphlet, which is sent to...