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Consumer Watchdog's John M. Simpson discusses the implications of allowing carriers to disable your smart phone remotely. California state Senator Mark Leno has authored new bill in hopes that the wireless industry would wake up to the realities of high phone theft statistics in California. If enacted into law, it would effect all carriers of...
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SANTA MONICA, CA – A federal appeals court ruled today that Google’s interception of messages from private Wi-Fi networks is not exempt from federal wiretap laws, opening the way for a class action suit in the Wi-Spy case to move forward with possible damages amounting to billions of dollars. A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of...
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WASHINGTON, DC -– The Federal Communications Commission’s plan to launch a program to measure mobile broadband service performance in the United States falls short of providing adequate protection, Consumer Watchdog said today. Cell phone carriers must be required to disclose data speeds in their advertisements if consumers are to...