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By Carmen Balber
I went to Washington DC right after the 2008 election to open up Consumer Watchdog's office on Capitol Hill and make sure health reform worked for consumers. With the launch of new insurance marketplaces yesterday nationwide, consumers are reaping the fruit of health reform: Insurers must sell policies to everyone and cannot charge more based...
Time and time again, the rules say that lawmakers can't vote for other lawmakers, but they are. Welcome to the California State Assembly line at crunch time and watch what is going on time and time again.
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CONTACT Liza Tucker
SANTA MONICA, CA –Consumer Watchdog today asked the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to postpone a proposed settlement agreement between staff attorneys and three well-connected partners in the public affairs company California Strategies until one of the partners, Winston Hickox, fully discloses his lobbying activities on behalf...
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CONTACT John M. Simpson
SANTA MONICA, CA – The withdrawal today of a major advertising trade association from a group trying to write a Do Not Track standard demonstrates the need for legislation to protect online privacy, Consumer Watchdog said. The public interest group said it is exploring the possibility of drafting a California ballot initiative to implement...
9/15/2013 CONTACT Jamie Court
  From SFGate.com " Two federal courts in California recently took up the question of whether invasion of privacy laws should apply to unauthorized opening of e-mail, in one case, and interception of unencrypted home Wi-Fi communications in another. Wiretapping law stood the test against "Wi-spying" on Tuesday. A panel...
Blog Post
Liza Tucker
We need your help! In the last week of the legislative session, polluters may be getting a big gift if last minute legislation is not amended. Californians can look forward to hazardous waste being “left in place” instead of removed and sent to specially constructed and licensed facilities under last minute amendments to Speaker John...
For 2-year-old Steven Olsen, a hike in the woods and a fall on a stick would change his life forever. "They (the doctors) thought, 'Oh, he has meningitis,'" said Steven's mother, Kathy Olsen.   However, that was not the case. Steven was suffering from an infection from the fall. It spread from his hand to his brain...
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CONTACT Bob Pack, Jamie Court and Carmen Balber
Danville, CA – Bob Pack today wrote Dr. Paul Phinney, head of the California Medical Association, with hard words over Phinney’s refusal to acknowledge his family’s suffering and that of other medical negligence victims in his public response to Pack’s ballot measure, “The Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act....
Blog Post
By Jamie Court
We just wanted to let you know that we have filed a ballot measure that has been 37 years in the making. If we collect about 750,000 valid signatures, voters will have a chance to adjust for inflation a three and a half decade-old cap on the value of a child's life if he or she is killed by medical negligence -- a $250,000 limit that has never...
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CONTACT Mark Reback
Washington DC -- Health insurance giant WellPoint today announced a 24% profit increase in the 2nd quarter of 2013, as compared to last year, and the company's stock hit an all-time high of $90 per share on Wednesday. WellPoint reported it earned $800.1 million, or $2.64 per share, in the three months that ended June 30th, which is up about 24...