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By Jamie Court
The war over patient safety is heating up in Sacramento. Yesterday, Pulitizer Prize winning Los Angeles Times columnist Mike Hiltzik wrote a cut-to-the-heart-of-it column shredding the phony arguments of those resisting the patient safety reforms Bob Pack and Consumer Watchdog have been fighting for all year. Hiltzik said, "It's a very...
News Release
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Santa Monica, CA – Ten doctors that the California Medical Board failed to take off the streets before repeated acts of negligence and patient endangerment harmed or killed their patients make the case for reforming California's patient safety laws, said Consumer Watchdog today. Consumer Watchdog released a "Top Ten Dangerous...
Blog Post
Alejandra Gonzalez-Chavez, Special to Consumer Watchdog
Written by Alejandra Gonzelez-Chavez, Special to Consumer Watchdog My baby Mia died in a hospital at just 6 weeks of age from whooping cough in the middle of a whooping cough epidemic because doctors didn't give her a simple test. A 38-year-old law says her life is only worth $250,000 - that is the value of a child in California when they...
News Release
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Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog responded today to the news that the state’s three largest health insurance companies -- Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Kaiser -- would continue to dominate the health insurance market in the California health exchange with concerns that patients will continue to pay excessive premiums because of decreased...
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Kathy Olsen, Special to Consumer Watchdog
Since 1975 the value of everything has gone up, except the value of my son’s life under California law. Yesterday my son, Steven and I went to Sacramento to say “38 years is too late.” We announced a ballot initiative to create stronger patient safety laws and adjust this nearly 38 year-old law.  You can join our efforts by...
Victims of medical negligence went to Sacramento Thursday to demand changes to a 38 year old law that has denied them justice and announced a ballot measure to lift a $250,000 cap on recovery set in 1975 by Governor Brown in his first term.
Blog Post
By Jamie Court
There aren't too many great days for patient safety in state capitols, where the medical establishment tends to rule the roost through the power of its political giving and tentacles. But Monday was a great day for patient safety in Sacramento, when powerful testimony reminded legislators of the human cost of inaction. The families of victims...
Blog Post
By Jamie Court
It’s outrageous.  A methamphetamine user convicted of a federal felony for drug dealing just won the right to treat patients again in one year. Pilots would be grounded for life. Lawyers would lose their license forever.  Doctors that use and deal drugs, like Nathan Kuemmerle, face little discipline or deterrence.  That has...
Legal Update
Doug Heller
Last month a California Court of Appeal overturned the Superior Court ruling in Streit v. Farmers Group, Inc. and allowed California consumers to pursue a lawsuit against Farmers Insurance for cheating customers out of fair refunds if they cancel their insurance policy.  Consumer Watchdog’s attorneys authored a key “Friend of the...
Blog Post
By Liza Tucker
Who would want two companies, Tesoro and Chevron, to control more than half of California's gasoline market? Only people, like oil company executives, who think paying five dollars a gallon should be the new normal. That could happen, though, if a deal goes through for Tesoro to buy BP's refinery in Carson and its low-cost Arco brand. In...