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By Daniel Palay
We have just one week to beat the insurance billionaires trying to buy this election. We plastered these posters around the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles to expose these deceptive billionaire propositions. Can you help us make sure more voters know? Please post our new posters on Facebook today. Don't use Facebook? Share the...
News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber, Consumer Watchdog & Jamie Court
Santa Monica & Oakland, CA – Nurses and consumer advocates challenged Charles Munger Jr. and George Joseph, the two billionaires behind Props 32 and 33, to a public debate on the merits of the ballot measures they have together spent $39 million to promote. Props 32 and 33 will hurt working people in California, but the two reclusive...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – The insurance billionaire who has spent $16.5 million on Prop 33 finally admitted in a Sunday Los Angeles Times column by Mike Hiltzik that he is financing the initiative so he can raise car insurance rates on newly insured customers. Consumer groups have long warned voters that Prop 33 is designed to allow Mercury...
News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA – Three more California newspapers, the Stockton Record, La Opinion, and the Chico News & Review, have joined the flood of papers urging voters to reject Proposition 33, the ballot measure sponsored by one insurance billionaire to raise car insurance rates on good drivers. Proposition 33 will allow insurance companies to...
Blog Post
Jamie Court
Populist governor Hiram Johnson gave Californians the ballot initiative one hundred and one years ago to combat the stranglehold of wealthy scions over the statehouse. Today's New York Times reports on how California's ballot measures are dominated by a handful of billionaires, including some trying to buy more power for themselves and...