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By Mark Reback
I feel like Blue Cross is stealing from us by charging us more for less coverage and there’s nothing we can do. Since October of 2010 we’ve had premium increases of 46% and on top of that they have increased our co-payments and annual deductibles. Our PPO Share 2500 policy with a $2500 deductible will soon have a $2950 deductible. This...
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CONTACT Brian Stedge
Santa Monica, CA - More than 100,000 California Blue Cross consumers are part of a class action lawsuit brought by the non-profit Consumer Watchdog targeting the health insurer’s May 1 increases to “annual” deductibles and other out of pocket costs. The suit also targets other recent changes that allow Blue Cross to alter any...
By Mark Reback
Blue Cross rate hikes My family has a Blue Cross individual family PPO. This year the premium alone is $2222 a month—that’s $26,664 a year. The policy cost only $495 a month in 2002. As recently as 2009 the premium was just over $1500 a month. So in two years the annual cost is up $8400 a year and my deductible is up during the same...