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The GOP's proposed American Healthcare Act would drive up prices for the elderly, sick, and those with lower incomes says Consumer Watchdog.
KCAL TV 9 interviews Carmen Balber of Consumer Watchdog about the details of the GOP's coming Obamacare replacement and the potential for serious drawbacks for consumers.
News Release
CONTACT Samuel Chu
Santa Monica, CA – California’s largest health insurance companies have hired a Democratic party “insider”, former executive director of the Democratic Party, Kathy Bowler, to try to stop Consumer Watchdog’s November ballot measure to limit excessive health insurance rate hikes, ahead of the March California...
Blog Post
By Carmen Balber
I went to Washington DC right after the 2008 election to open up Consumer Watchdog's office on Capitol Hill and make sure health reform worked for consumers. With the launch of new insurance marketplaces yesterday nationwide, consumers are reaping the fruit of health reform: Insurers must sell policies to everyone and cannot charge more based...
Blog Post
By Carmen Balber
Lost in the ongoing election postmortem was this report yesterday from the Congressional Budget Office that a bill being pushed by the insurance industry and its salespeople to eliminate one of the strongest consumer protections in the health reform law would increase the deficit by more than $1 billion and raise health insurance costs for...