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By Carmen Balber
The future of the Earth, and California's dependence on Big Oil, could be determined in these last three weeks of the Legislative session.     That’s one of the reasons we launched Capitol Watchdog, our new project to pull back the curtain on corporate corruption in the Capitol. These are some of the questions that will be...
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Liza Tucker
We need your help! In the last week of the legislative session, polluters may be getting a big gift if last minute legislation is not amended. Californians can look forward to hazardous waste being “left in place” instead of removed and sent to specially constructed and licensed facilities under last minute amendments to Speaker John...
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Kathy Olsen, Special to Consumer Watchdog
Since 1975 the value of everything has gone up, except the value of my son’s life under California law. Yesterday my son, Steven and I went to Sacramento to say “38 years is too late.” We announced a ballot initiative to create stronger patient safety laws and adjust this nearly 38 year-old law.  You can join our efforts by...