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CONTACT Ben Powell & Jerry Flanagan
Santa Monica, CA -- The California Supreme Court should review a decision that would prevent consumers from seeking refunds when they are illegally taxed, according to an amicus curiae letter submitted by Consumer Watchdog. In McClain, et al. v. Sav-On Drugs, et al., the California Court of Appeal ruled that consumers who have been wrongfully...
Blog Post
By John M. Simpson
Google, the company that makes its money by assembling digital dossiers about its users and selling them to advertisers for the highest bid, reported earnings Thursday.  Revenue increased 31 percent to $13.97 billion and net income in the first quarter rose 16 percent to $3.35 billion, or $9.94 a share. Admittedly, as I listened to the...
News Release
CONTACT John M Simpson
SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog Wednesday called for a Senate hearing into Google’s “morally bankrupt” tax policies that force taxpayers “to make up for the Internet giant’s unwillingness to pay its fair share." Consumer Watchdog called for the hearing in a letter to Sen. Max Baucus, chairman of the...