9/15/2013 CONTACT Jamie Court
  From " Two federal courts in California recently took up the question of whether invasion of privacy laws should apply to unauthorized opening of e-mail, in one case, and interception of unencrypted home Wi-Fi communications in another. Wiretapping law stood the test against "Wi-spying" on Tuesday. A panel...
Blog Post
By Carmen Balber
What an inspiring 2012! Together, we exposed and stopped false MPG claims by automakers, shamed health insurance companies into lowering outrageous rate hikes and moved closer to the day when technology companies can’t collect and sell our private information online and on our phones without consent. This year we’ll continue these...
Blog Post
By Daniel Palay
With just a few hours left in 2012, we've almost reached our year-end fundraising goal and your last opportunity to make a tax-deductible gift this year. Before you head out to your New Year's celebration, do you have a moment to be the donor that puts us over the finish line? Carmen's blog gave you a glimpse of what we have in store...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Washington, DC – Online complaints from fed-up Hyundai customers across the country launched a Consumer Watchdog investigation into the automaker’s false fuel economy claims that led to the first-ever EPA recall of multiple models’ false window stickers and a lawsuit on behalf of deceived consumers. The Consumer Watchdog mobile...