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By John M. Simpson
There's growing evidence that privacy is not a partisan issue. Representative Joe Barton, a conservative Republican from Texas, has signed on to be a co-sponsor of Rep. Hank Johnson's bill to increase consumer privacy protection on mobile devices. Barton is the co-chair of the Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus, eight members of...
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WASHINGTON – Consumer Watchdog today praised Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) for introducing a bi-partisan bill that would increase consumer privacy protection on mobile devices.   The bill, H.R. 1913, is known as the Application Privacy, Protection and Security (APPS) Act of 2013. Among its co-sponsors is Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH).  The...
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CONTACT John M. Simpson
SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog praised Attorney General Kamala D. Harris for releasing guidelines to protect privacy in the mobile ecosystem and said the key recommendations in her "Privacy on the Go" report released today should be enacted into law to fully protect consumers. "This is an important step towards taming...
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Washington, DC – Online complaints from fed-up Hyundai customers across the country launched a Consumer Watchdog investigation into the automaker’s false fuel economy claims that led to the first-ever EPA recall of multiple models’ false window stickers and a lawsuit on behalf of deceived consumers. The Consumer Watchdog mobile...