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Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog today praised Mozilla as the nonprofit foundation announced it would move forward with addition of a setting in its popular Firefox browser to block the most intrusive tracking “cookies” by default.    Cookies are little bits of computer code that can be placed on a browser so that...
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By John M. Simpson
Microsoft, which is trying to position itself in a major advertising campaign as a privacy friendly Internet company, should take a simple step that shows it means what it says. Online tracking is pervasive and invasive on the Internet.  The most insidious is performed by companies that most consumers don't even know exist, so-called 3rd...
If you're reading this article and think no one knows what you are doing because you're alone, think again. "Most people don't really understand the extent to which their web activities are tracked when they go online or on the Internet to different websites," said John Simpson of Simpson demonstrated...