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CONTACT Bob Pack & Jamie Court
Danville, CA --- Today Bob Pack, the author of Proposition 46, called on California television and radio stations to recall No on 46 ads because they mislead voters by claiming “patients” instead of insurance companies are behind the campaign.  Pack filed a formal complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission that No on...
Prop 46 pushes to increase malpractice liability for doctors.
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Today Senator Barbara Boxer stood with mothers who lost their children to medical negligence in calling on California voters to support for the patient safety protections in Proposition 46. The campaign supporting Prop 46 also released an ad featuring Barbara Boxer. See the Barbara Boxer ad here: https://www.youtube.com/...
News Release
CONTACT Bob Pack & Jamie Court
Danville, CA --- Responding to recent claims by the No On Proposition 46 campaign that doctors are not in a safety sensitive position, so they should not be drug tested, Proposition 46 proponent Bob Pack called on the leaders of the ACLU to explain their position. Prop 46 requires random drug and alcohol testing of doctors with hospital privileges...
By Mark Reback
Lloyd Monserratt was a UCLA grad, a rising star in California politics, a Latino Vote Director for the DCCC, a Director at NALEO, a Chief of Staff to a LA City Councilmember and LAUSD School Board Member, and a consultant to elected officials.  He and his fiancée were planning their wedding. But his promising life ended at age 36...
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CONTACT Jamie Court, Carmen Balber & Lisa Cohen
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Dr. Stephen Loyd, a recovering drug addict who at one point was taking oxycodone and 100 Vicodin pills a day while working with patients, joined with Proposition 46 proponent Bob Pack and openly spoke about how easy it is for doctors to abuse drugs and get away with it. Consumer Watchdog revealed that, according to a...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Bob Pack
SANTA MONICA, CA – The author of California's patient safety ballot measure Proposition 46 and a consumer advocate supporting the campaign called upon the California Medical Association and its president, Dr. Richard Thorp, to seriously discuss the somber reality of doctors with problems with substance addiction and abuse. Bob Pack, the...
News Release
CONTACT Lisa Cohen
Sacramento, Calif. – The medical malpractice insurance industry and hospitals are the biggest force bankrolling the campaign against a patient safety initiative on the Nov. 4 ballot, pumping in more than two-thirds of the $41 million war chest amassed by Proposition 46 foes, according to campaign finance disclosure documents. After profiting...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Michael Kapp
SANTA MONICA, CA – The U.S. Senate committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions holds a hearing today to investigate failures in patient safety and the estimated 440,000 deaths that occur in hospitals every year due to preventable medical errors. A landmark California initiative on the November 2014 ballot addresses the patient safety...
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CONTACT Camen Balber & Michael Kapp
SANTA MONICA, CA – A new investigative report by KGTV, the ABC affiliate in San Diego, reported on the California Medical Board’s failure to police negligent doctors, like former Chargers team physician Dr. David Chao. KGTV previously reported that Dr. Chao, a known substance-abuser, could be responsible for the May 2012 suicide of...