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Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court delivered this testimony and slide presentation on December 16th, 2015, to the California Energy Commission's Petroleum Market Advisory Committee in Sacramento.  The panel is charged with determining the causes of gasoline price volatility.   Court lays out information compiled by Consumer...
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Santa Monica, CA—Consumer Watchdog called on California’s United States Attorneys to investigate the unprecedented refinery outages driving California gasoline price spikes. In a letter, the nonprofit group presented circumstantial evidence that oil refiners may be manipulating gasoline supplies through shutdowns to drive pump prices...
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Santa Monica, CA --- California drivers paid $1 billion extra at the pump in March, when compared to the national average gas price charged to U.S. drivers, according to an analysis of the latest government data by Consumer Watchdog. The nonprofit consumer group said refiners continued to reap a windfall in the wake of refinery shutdowns in...
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Santa Monica, CA —Exxon misrepresented its safety record at its Torrance refinery to lawmakers at a public hearing at Torrance City Hall last week, suggesting its February 18 explosion and fire was unique, and did not acknowledge how extensively the blast damaged its ability to supply gasoline, Consumer Watchdog said today. “The fact...
A new study from a leading consumer rights group says the much debated Keystone XL Pipeline would dramatically increase the price people pay for gasoline, but supporters of the pipeline accuse the group of engaging in a misinformation campaign. The pipeline would transport oil from fields in Canada down to the Gulf States, but Consumer Watchdog...
July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Billionaire Tom Steyer, founder of Farallon Capital Management LLC, talks about today's release of a report by the non-profit organization Consumer Watchdog that says completion of TransCanada Corp.'s Keystone XL pipeline will raise gas prices in the U.S. Steyer speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s...
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By Judy Dugan
  It was a relief to hear more than a passing reference to climate change in President Obama's State of the Union Speech, including promises of more support for wind and solar power. But the oil industry heard nothing to even cause even a smidgen of concern. Asking Congress to "get together to pursue a bipartisan, market-based...