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Reporter Randy Paige talks with Consumer Watchdog's Jerry Flanagan about what consumers should know about the coming battle over changes with the Affordable Care Act.
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Eddie Barrera
It’s good to be king. As long as shareholders are happy, ratepayers continue to scramble to keep their health insurance. What’s to stop insurers? Nothing in California, that’s for sure. Anthem announced today that its first-quarter earnings jumped 23 percent. It earned $865.2 million in the quarter, more than $160 million than it...
Consumer Watchdog informs consumers about the top ten things they need to know before signing up in the current open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act.
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Santa Monica, CA – In a confidential email to hospital executives across California, the CEO of California’s hospital association Duane Dauner states the hospital lobby is poised to spend $60 million on its recently filed ballot measure for an “iron-clad protection initiative” that would make it “impossible for the...
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Santa Monica, CA. -- In a potentially devastating move for the health and privacy of HIV/AIDS patients, United Healthcare, the nation’s largest health insurer, is illegally forcing its sickest and most vulnerable members to abandon their local pharmacies in favor of United’s own in-house mail-order service, according to a new statewide...