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Sacramento, CA  – More than 840,000 voter signatures turned in by consumer advocates and families victimized by medical negligence have qualified a landmark patient safety ballot measure for the November 2014 California ballot, according to the Secretary of State’s office.  Voters will have a chance then to enact the Troy and...
Imagine a Mother's Day without your kids. The moms in this video know too well what it feels like to miss a child on Mother's Day. Now they're doing something about it, and you can too. Watch their short and powerful video today: Every year, thousands of mothers lose their children to...
By Carmen Balber
Tina Minasian - Sacramento, CA California for years allowed doctors who were arrested for drug and alcohol infractions, including DUI, to conceal these arrests from patients. Such doctors, even if convicted, entered a “diversion” program that allowed them to keep practicing even if they violated the terms of the five-year program, and...
By Judy Dugan
Quin Murphy - Chula Vista, CA Quin Murphy at 16 was a soccer fanatic, with a family who supported him, coached him, even went on trips with him to watch favorite teams. In 2010, all of that ended. Quin and his family fell into a four-month tragedy of medical bumbling that caused Quin intractable pain and ultimately killed him. Dozens of emergency...
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Santa Monica, CA --- Consumer Watchdog wrote incoming Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson to take issue with “disconcerting statements made by one of your employees, Dr. Paul Phinney, the immediate past President of the California Medical Association, who has maintained that medical negligence and substance abuse among physicians are not significant...
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Santa Monica, CA – Petitions for a 2014 patient safety ballot initiative to curb prescription drug abuse and strengthen physician accountability hit the streets in every major California city this week. Bob Pack launched the petition drive after losing his two children, Troy and Alana, ages 10 and 7, and unborn twins, in an accident caused...
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Santa Monica, CA – The nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest group Consumer Watchdog is telling Californians about the list of physicians who have funded the opposition to a mandatory drug testing initiative for doctors. “Substance abuse among California physicians is higher than the general population, yet unlike bus drivers and...