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By Daniel Palay
Election Day is now just days away. As a public service, we are sending you the positions of the major newspaper editorial boards on all the California ballot measures. Consumer Watchdog does not endorse these editorial positions. We are simply offering them to you, along with links to the original editorials, so that you can do your own research...
By Sarah Glover
Adam Glover - Los Gatos, CA   Our son Adam was 12 in 2008 when he went on a glorious camping and hiking trip in Yosemite with his Dad. The pair of them hiked, climbed and biked together. But seven days into the vacation, Adam died, the victim of preventable errors and inattention after an emergency appendectomy at a Modesto hospital. Yet...
By Mark Reback
The insurance industry has spent about $100 million on ballot campaigns alone to defeat or overturn Prop 103 including $63.8 million against Prop 103, the $16 million Mercury Insurance spent in its failed 2010 campaign for Prop 17, and the $8.1 million Joseph spent so far this year on a proposed 2012 initiative nearly identical to Prop 17....
By Jerry Flanagan
Why don't 50 million Americans have the same rights as other patients to hold their health insurer accountable for denials of care? Insurance companies profit when they delay or deny care to patients, sometimes causing permanent harm or even death. But not all patients are equal when it comes to holding insurers legally accountable for...
Posted by John M. Simpson
People who worry about online privacy and the intrusive practices of Internet companies like Google and Facebook are trying to figure out the impact of the election.  One victim of the Republican juggernaut was a key Internet policy player, Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va. I don't think his fall will slow the mounting drive to protect...
Posted by Khan Shoieb
Consumer Watchdog has fought to defend central consumer protections in the health care law against efforts by lobbyists for the health insurance industry to undermine rules and create loopholes in regulations.  State insurance regulators at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and federal regulators at the Department of...
By Consumer Watchdog
  State regulators describe Mercury Insurance as an abusive, anti-consumer company. The California Department of Insurance recently made this statement before an Administrative Law Judge in an agency enforcement action against Mercury: Mercury has a deserved reputation for abusing its customers and intentionally violating the law...
By Consumer Watchdog
  Mercury Is At It Again - It Wants To Repeal Consumer Protection Laws That Voters Defended in 2010 Mercury Insurance has teamed up once again with the Agents Alliance to propose a ballot initiative virtually identical to 2010's Prop 17, which was defeated by voters.  Mercury’s initiative would legalize surcharges by...
Carmen Balber
UPDATE: The Wall Street filibuster of financial reform was broken Wednesday night. Now the Senate moves to a full and open floor debate - where the public will expect Senators to take a stand against bank lobbyists' efforts to weaken reform. Consumer Watchdog has called for a full and open debate on the Senate floor on financial reform. That means...
Doug Heller
Download the Adminstrative Action filed against Mercury Insurance here. Download the full Department of Insurance investigation of Mercury here. Review documents and analysis related to the prior Department investigations  of Mercury here.