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CONTACT Jerry Flanagan
Santa Monica, CA -- The state’s tax board must make public an audit and other records related to its historic decision to revoke Blue Shield of California’s tax-exempt status, according to letters sent today by Consumer Watchdog. Millions purchased health plans late last year believing Blue Shield was a "non-profit." Download...
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CONTACT Liza Tucker & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog said today that prices per regular gallon of gas in California were up an unprecedented 96 cents in the last month, nearly triple the 38-cent increase per gallon nationwide. “This is all pure profit for the oil companies,” said Consumer Advocate Liza Tucker. “The Senate has called hearings...
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CONTACT Cody Rosenfield & Liza Tucker
Santa Monica, CA—California refinery shutdowns and slowdowns are boosting refinery profit margins by as much as 72 percent, according to a key indicator called “crack spreads,” Consumer Watchdog said today. Crack spreads represent the price difference between what refineries pay per barrel of crude oil and what they charge for...
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CONTACT John M. Simpson
WASHINGTON, DC – A coalition of six consumer privacy groups is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to enforce an earlier consent order with Facebook and block proposed changes in the social network’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and its Data Use Policy because the proposed changes violate the 2011 settlement with the...
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CONTACT Pamela Pressley
Santa Monica, CA —DIRECTV reported net profit of $516 million for the 3rd Quarter of 2011, bringing its net profit to $1.89 billion for the first 9 months of the year and putting the company on track to top its record 2010 profit of $2.3 billion. DIRECTV’s profits come at the expense of its customers who are assessed hefty “...
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CONTACT Jamie Court & Liza Tucker
San Francisco, CA — Consumer Watchdog published a new report today, “Refining Profits: How Californians Get Fleeced At The Pump,” showing that oil refiners have made large profits from gasoline price spikes recently and over the last decade. The report reviewed ten years of publicly available profit data. “The proof’...
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By Judy Dugan
U.S. gas prices have hit their highest level ever for springtime, at $3.96 a gallon for regular on average. Yep, higher even than the record surge in 2008, as oil companies reap near-record profits. So what does that have to do with the price of silver? The speculative price of silver is dropping, maybe crashing, from its high around $50 an...
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By Judy Dugan
An uprising in Libya is not causing your wallet to bleed at the gas pump. The U.S. buys virtually no oil from Libya. Egypt and Tunisia, the other hotspots, don’t even produce oil. There’s still a surplus of oil on world markets, more than enough to make up for any shortage from Libya. Fear and greed, expertly manipulated by...
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CONTACT Brian Stedge & Doug Heller
Santa Monica, CA -- Mercury Insurance Chairman George Joseph launched another assault on consumer protections guaranteed by the 1988 insurance reform measure Proposition 103.  The California Secretary of State reports that Joseph is the sole donor to the signature gathering campaign for a new Mercury Insurance backed ballot initiative that...
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By Carmen Balber
Who could complain about insurance companies that let consumers choose? Auto insurers have started offering discounts to drivers who agree to install tracking devices in their cars to tell the insurance company when, where, and how they're driving. These devices put your insurance company in the passenger seat, taking notes every time you...