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Regular people who work middle class or blue-collar jobs; high school graduates; retired citizens and those on low incomes. Even if they are Good Drivers, they are forced to subsidize the rich, but not necessarily better, drivers who insurance companies prefer to do business with. The surcharges – which are not disclosed on your auto insurance bills – can result in premiums as much as 33% higher for some drivers who are not a member of a company’s preferred occupational groups.

These so-called “affinity groups” violate Proposition 103. Unfortunately, the California Department of Insurance, which is responsible for the enforcement of Proposition 103, has permitted a number of insurance companies to market the policies.

The agency’s failure to stop these illegal surcharges is even more troubling because a court has ruled that consumers can’t challenge a company’s illegal rating practices in court once they have been approved by the Commissioner – a decision that itself conflicts with Proposition 103.