Tennis fans were riled by our drive-by and fly-by mobile advertisements at the finals of the Mercury Insurance Open in Carlsbad yesterday. Our message: “Don’t Trust Mercury Insurance." You can watch a short video here, which explains why students are getting involved against Mercury.

Here’s some of the reaction:

The incessant noise from the plane you hired to hawk your message ruined the once a year final for many of us,” commented JZ on our web page.

Consumer Watchdog says don't trust Mercury' banner tow flying over Mercury Insurance Open. #wow #ScrambleTheJets
"They fly a plane overhead w/ sign: "Consumer watchdog says Do Not Trust Mercury" at the Mercury Insurance Group open... Ouch!! #WellPlayed"
Sports not politics!” a fan shouted at our local protestors, who were handing out t-shirts that say “Don’t Trust Mercury Insurance.”


Our watchdogs were protesting because Mercury is at it again. The insurance company - rated one of the worst - has filed another deceptive ballot measure to raise rates on policyholders, which is nearly identical to Proposition 17, that voters rejected last June.


Did shareholders and investors at the Mercury Insurance Open get the message? 

You can encourage Mercury not to waste tens of millions of dollars more trying to deceive Californians again by posting this “Don’t Trust Mercury Insurance” link on your Facebook or Twitter feeds. We’ll send the first 100 people who do a t-shirt! (Just email us with your re-post link, your mailing address and preferred t-shirt size, at [email protected])