Dirty Money

Dirty Money

Consumer Watchdog fights to make your voice heard by calling out dirty politicians and attacking the influence of the special interests that keep them in power. From Sacramento to Washington D.C., we follow the money trail from special interests to policymakers and track bad public policy back from politicians to their donors.  

Our LA Watchdog project is now keeping watch on corruption in the City of Los Angeles's Department of Water & Power, Mayor's Office and City Council. Our old web site CapitolWatchdog.org was dedicated to pulling the curtain back on corruption in California's state capitol through the Jerry Brown Administration.

The lawsuit filed in federal court on behalf of Antwon Jones, who was the average man caught in the middle of a fraud on the court over the LA DWP billing scandal, is a stunning and well-do

We lost a lot in 2020 — loved ones, time, momentum — and Consumer Watchdog’s ambitious plans for 2021 try to capitalize on what we’ve learned.

Wondering what the story is with the dozen statewide propositions on your ballot? We've had so many requests that, while Consumer Watchdog hasn't weighed in on every measure, I'm sharing my personal recommendations below.

Los Angeles, CA – The cost to qualify an initiative measure for the November 2020 ballot averaged a record-high $7.22 per valid signature, a prohib

The legislative session is over. I am happy to report that the bad guys didn’t win.

As if California has not had enough bad news, fracking is now back.

Los Angeles, CA—The total number of oil and gas well permits issued in 2019 under the Newsom Administration rivals the number issued in 2018 during the last year in office of former Governor Jerry Brown, Consumer Watchdog and FracTracker Alliance reported today.

Whether the US Senate acknowledges it or not, we must never forget the raw deal behind Trump's corruption.