Patients Beware

Dr. Paul Phinney:

  • Opposes mandaory drug testing for physicians.
  • Opposes mandatory use of the CURES prescription drug database before narcotics are prescribed
  • Opposes mandatory disclosure of medical negligence by physicians
  • Opposes adjusting for inflation the 38 year-old cap on compensation for victims injured by medical negligence

What does Dr. Paul Phinney have to fear from patient safety reforms?

As the leader of the California Medical Association, Dr. Phinney has ridiculed patient safety reforms and refused to have conversations with those proposing them. Bob Pack, who lost his two children to a drug addicted and doctor shopping driver, has filed a ballot initiative to address the drug overdose and physician accountability issues at the heart of his family’s tragedy. Pack has twice written Dr. Phinney and asked him to explain his comments ridiculing the measure and its backers as "window dressing" and "self-serving" but Phinney has refused to answer.

Read Pack's letters to Dr. Phinney here and here. Learn more about the Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act, which is proposed for the November 2014 ballot, here.