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Anthony Fossett was a young aspiring musician who was a beloved member of his community.  An alumnus of Youth Radio's Core and Bridge program, Anthony wanted to be a music producer and hoped to eventually start his own studio.  And he was making great strides to achieve his dreams, performing at the Oakland Museum and helping to produce local rap artists until medical malpractice derailed these dreams.

It was discovered that Anthony was having heart problems and a mitral valve surgery was needed to save his life.  But under surgery the doctors placed the valve incorrectly, allowing it to leak causing further complications.  Anthony's mother, Regina, begged them to attempt corrective surgery but the hospital refused and claimed that medications would correct their mistake.  A few days later, the replacement valve broke apart causing heart failure and death.

Anthony's mother sought justice for her son and hoped to hold the negligent doctors that killed her son accountable, but because of MICRA she could not find a lawyer to take her case.