Insurance Companies Put Up Lion’s Share of $43 Million Raised by the Medical Insurance Complex to Oppose Fairness for Injured Patients Act

Los Angeles, CA – Insurance companies who profit by denying fair compensation to patients injured or killed by medical malpractice have put up $27.8 million to oppose the Fairness for Injured Patients Act. Insurance money accounts for two-thirds of the $43.8 million raised to oppose the Fairness Act, a measure that seeks to restore accountability for injured patients on the November 2022 California ballot.  

Fraud In Bottle Deposit System Out Of Control; Costing Consumers Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Annually, Consumer Watchdog Reveals

Los Angeles, CA---Recycling scams are costing California consumers potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in nickel and dime deposits stolen through fraudulent bottle and can refunds, Consumer Watchdog said today.

Medical Board and Malpractice Cap Deny Women Who Are Sexually Assaulted and Abused by Doctors Justice

Stockton, CA -- Women whose doctors sexually abuse and assault them are denied justice both by the Medical Board of California, as a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed this week, and in the courts because of the 1975 law limiting legal accountability for doctors that is the target of the Fairness for Injured Patients Act to be voted on in November, said Consumer Watchdog today.

Not A Single Retail Store In San Francisco Has To Take Your Recycling Back; Watchdog Calls On Newsom To Engage on Bottle Deposit Bill

San Francisco, CA -- You can leave your heart in San Francisco, but now you can’t find a single grocery store or bodega in the city to return your bottles and cans for your nickel or dime CRV deposit.
In a blow to recycling, the state of California has let more than 400 grocery, liquor and other stores in San Francisco out of their obligations to redeem bottles and cans under the pretense that a pilot project, a mobile truck, would pick up the slack. The pilot project is not even up and running.