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Our attorneys' report from the US Supreme Court is that this morning’s oral argument didn’t reveal which way the majority was leaning in Imburgia v. DIRECTV.

At issue is whether millions of consumers who paid exorbitant early termination fees can go to court in our class action, or are stuck in one-on-one mandatory arbitrations not contemplated by the contract that DIRECTV drafted.

The Los Angeles Times reports on the argument: “The justices sounded split Tuesday on whether to block the class-action suit against DIRECTV.” The New York Times offered this more detailed account. 

Justices questioned DIRECTV’s lawyers thoroughly, but did the same to ours.  The transcript of the proceedings is now available here.

There’s no real way to know how the Court will go.  We will know Monday if it decides it improvidently took the case, but otherwise California consumers will have to wait until at least December to hear the verdict.