By Jeremy B. White, Carla Marinucci, Graph Massara and Aaron Leathley, POLITICO PLAYBOOK

August 13, 2020…

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- Consumer Watchdog will endorse Prop. 24, the California Privacy Rights Act, a measure on the November ballot which it says is “a major step forward to enshrine the privacy rights of Californians and safeguard it from legislative assault.” The official endorsement by the non-profit will be announced today by entrepreneur Alastair Mactaggart, who spearheaded the state's current law which will be expanded by the measure.

Consumer Watchdog executive director Carmen Balber told POLITICO in a statement that “under Prop 24, a consumer can limit the use of their sensitive information to stop Uber from profiling them based on race, stop Spotify from utilizing their precise geo-location and prevent Facebook from using their sexual orientation, health status or religion in its algorithms.’’ The CW position signals what could be a lively fight over the ballot measure -- which the Electronic Frontier Foundation has declined to endorse or oppose.