By Sam Mintz, POLITICO - Morning Transportation Report

August 1, 2019…

HACKING IN: All of the top ten 2020 car models are vulnerable to fleetwide hacks because of their internet connections, the consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog warned in a new report this week. “Experts agree that connecting safety-critical components to the Internet through a complex information and entertainment device is a security flaw. This design allows hackers to control a vehicle’s operations and take it over from across the Internet,” the group said.

One worst case scenario: “A fleet-wide hack during rush hour in major U.S. metropolitan areas could result in approximately 3,000 fatalities," per the report.

‘WRINKLES’: Senate Commerce Chairman Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) would only say this when asked for an update on driverless car legislation before the chamber breaks for August recess: “There are more wrinkles than I expected.”