Mountain View, CA -- People attending Google's shareholder meeting today cannot wear the company's privacy invasive computerized eye wear, Google Glass, according to rules governing the session.  

Rules for the meeting posted online bar taking pictures, recording the meeting or using electronic devices such as smart phones. Consumer Watchdog said the restrictions showed Google executives are hypocrites.

"Google has unleashed one of the most privacy invasive devices ever," said John M. Simpson, Consumer Watchdog's Privacy Project director. "Google Glass aids and abets people who want to invade our privacy by videoing or photographing us surreptitiously, but when it comes to their own privacy Google executives jealously guard it."

Simpson said Google must give people a way to remove videos or photos taken of them without permission by Google Glass users from Google's database.

Consumer Watchdog said Google has a long record of making everyone else's information public, but insisting on secrecy about its operations.

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