Elderly Woman the Victim of a Cascade of Medical Errors Dies. Her Daughter Unable to Get Justice

Concesa was an elderly retiree and a grandmother with many grand children.  She was a long time Angelino that lived with her daughter Griselle.  One day Concesa was experiencing breathing difficulties, so Griselle, herself a doctor, took her to the hospital where she worked.  What followed could be described as nothing short of a series of continued failures on the part of the medical staff. 

At first, they were faced with numerous transfers between doctors upon visiting the hospital.  She saw three doctors and the final doctor started her examination by conducting an allergy test.  Less than enthused, Griselle demanded they conduct more intensive tests as her mother’s condition worsened.  But, as it turns out, the hospital did not have the equipment necessary to test for problems with her lungs so they were sent to another facility.

At the rehab center, where they were sent, it was discovered that Concesa had fluid in her lungs and was given antibiotics and a bed to rest.  Griselle, noticing numerous medical errors was suspicious about the quality of her mothers care and checked her bedside chart only to realize that the doctors had put a “do not resuscitate,” for her.  Upset and confused, Griselle confronted her mother’s doctor and asked why the DNR order had been placed on her mother without her consent.  The doctors did not have an answer for her but agreed to remove the DNR order.  

Eventually, Griselle’s mother was moved into a room with a woman who had pneumonia in spite of Griselle’s age and sickness.  But doctors assured her, again, that she would be fine.  At some point along the way, however, doctors stopped administering antibiotics. After two weeks of back and forth with doctors trying to get more information about her mothers condition, Griselle was completely stonewalled by doctors.  And then, without warning, Concesa died in her hospital room.

Because of Griselle’s medical training she knew there was ample evidence of  medical malpractice.  But because of MICRA and her mother’s advanced age she could not find an attorney who take her case.