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Consumer Watchdog and the Insurance Commissioner Prevail — $27 Million Civil Penalty Against Mercury Upheld 

Gives In To Insurance Companies On Low Income Overcharges, Fossil Fuel Insurance, Policyholder Privacy

Two Thirds Of LA Area Stores Obligated To Recycle And Refund Consumer Bottle Deposits Refuse, Consumer Watchdog Survey Finds

On Earth Day, California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara Refuses to Lead on Global Warming; Denies Petition to Require Insurers to Disclose the Fossil Fuel Projects They Insure

The members of the Assembly Insurance Committee voted unanimously today to pass AB 981 and exempt the entire insurance and financial services industries from California’s new Privacy Act.

State Finance Reports Show "Peeping Tom" Daly Received $183,000 From Insurance Industry

Insurers Blame Climate Change For Mounting Catastrophe Losses Yet Still Insure the Fossil Fuel Infrastructure That Exacerbates Wildfires, Mudslides and Flooding