Politicians and special interests are always seeking new ways to get around popular reforms, and campaign laws are only as good as the people who enforce them.

At Consumer Watchdog, we work regularly to <a href="/politicians/articles/?storyid=10712">give politicians an extra push</a>.

With the help of our grassroots activists, we drafted legislation, gathered signatures, and won campaigns enacting the <a href="/politicians/articles/?storyId=17946" _cke_saved_href="/politicians/articles/?storyId=17946">nation's toughest conflict-of-interest initiatives</a> in city governments across California.

To expose California lawmakers who <a href="/politicians/articles/?storyId=15352" _cke_saved_href="/politicians/articles/?storyId=15352">showed up for work, but didn't vote</a>because they were afraid to offend the special interests funding their campaigns, we publicized who had the <a href="/politicians/articles/?storyId=15878" _cke_saved_href="/politicians/articles/?storyId=15878">worst "not-voting" records</a>.

Get the money out of politics. That's what we We investigate the trends in political corruption, work to make sure campaign laws are enforced, and spearhead efforts to get the money out of politics.