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If You’ve Found It Impossible to Recycle in California, You’re Not the Only One

By Lolita Lopez, KNBC TV-4 Los Angeles, CA

February 19, 2020…

Many Californians are having a tough time recycling bottles and cans and getting back deposits as hundreds of recycling centers shutter throughout the state -- but something else is going on behind the scenes that is making it even worse. 

Here’s how it’s supposed to work: 

Number Of Oil And Gas Well Permits Issued By Newsom Administration In 2019 Rivals Number Issued In Gov. Jerry Brown’s Last Year In Office

Los Angeles, CA—The total number of oil and gas well permits issued in 2019 under the Newsom Administration rivals the number issued in 2018 during the last year in office of former Governor Jerry Brown, Consumer Watchdog and FracTracker Alliance reported today. The Newsom Administration issued just 1% fewer permits for a total of 4,545 versus 4,590 for all of 2018.

Consumer Watchdog Applauds Departure of Another Regulator Who Protected Big Oil As Hopeful Sign Of Major Reform Under Gov. Newsom

Los Angeles, CA - Consumer Watchdog hailed the imminent departure of the Department of Conservation’s Chief Deputy Director, widely seen as an impediment to environmental reform, as a sign that Governor Newsom plans to overhaul the way oil and gas is regulated in the state.

Lawmakers Consider Overhaul To California's Bottle And Can Recycling Program

Advocates say CRV isn't working

By Derek Staahl, KGTV ABC-10 NEWS, SAN DIEGO, CA

January 15, 2020…

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- State lawmakers are considering an overhaul to the CRV recycling program on bottles and cans that would make drink-makers responsible for setting up a system to collect the containers they produce.

PG&E Spent $876,445 On Lobbying From Jan. 1 To June 30 - After Spending Nearly $10 Million In 2018


October 31, 2019

The Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), again in the spotlight of the national and international news media because of its shutoffs of electricity to millions of Californians as fires now rage throughout the state, spent $876,445 on lobbying from January 1 to June 30 of his year.

10 Years Of California Blackouts? Gavin Newsom Says This Is ‘Not The New Normal’

By Hannah Wiley and Dale Kasler, SACRAMENTO BEE - CAPITOL ALERT

October 30, 2019…

As California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, battled bankruptcy and prepared for another round of mass power outages across the state, the company’s executive said Californians should expect to see fire-preventing blackouts for the next 10 years.