Consumer Watchdog Hacks A Tesla to Prove Dangers of Wirelessly Connected Cars

Los Angeles, CA – The nonprofit, nonpartisan Consumer  Watchdog today released a video showing how a box it built with the help of technologists could hack into the wireless connection of a Tesla and take over the screen with a “This Tesla’s Been Hacked” message.  

The video can be viewed here:

U.S. Senator Says Tesla Should Change 'Autopilot' Name

Sen. Ed Markey alleges Tesla drivers are confused by the name and capabilities of Autopilot.


February 4, 2020…

The Tesla "Autopilot" name allegedly should be changed to clarify the technology isn't fully autonomous and it requires a driver to stay fully engaged with the vehicle and its surroundings.

Distracted Operator, Uber Blamed For Fatal Self-Driving Test Crash


November 20, 2019…

Washington — Distraction caused by a personal cellphone call is the probable cause of a 2018 crash in which an Uber self-driving car struck and killed a pedestrian, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled Tuesday.

Will You Press Your Connected Car’s Network Kill Switch? Smart Cars Must Have It Now

By Staff Reporter, AUTO WORLD NEWS

November 4, 2019…

When cars were analogue and mechanical, all we had to fear was a face to face hold up. Any connected car is a smart car-like "Swiss Cheese" with holes waiting for a breach. The solution as recommended, by Consumer Watchdog is to slap in a "Kill Switch".